The Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) in Kerala is currently fully administered over an electronic platform.
1. The fund is operated by the Government Principal Secretary (Finance) who is a senior I.A.S officer. Presently Sri. Manoj Joshi IAS is the Finance Secretary. Contributions to CMDRF is remitted to bank accounts maintained in State Bank of India, City main Branch, Trivandrum as well as pool accounts of various nationalised and scheduled banks and the funds are released only through bank transfer. The pool accounts have been created recently for the functioning of the online portal. The funds can be withdrawn only under the hand and seal of the Finance Secretary.
2. Though the fund is operated by the Finance Secretary, the CMDRF is administered by the Revenue (DRF) department in Government. This would mean that the Finance Secretary who is authorized to operate the bank account of CMDRF can not withdraw /transfer the money at his or his department's whims and fancy. This is possible only as per a Government Orders issued by Revenue Secretary.
3. The financial delegation available to each tier/ officer involved in CMDRF administration is also fixed by Government orders. Government Orders regulate the amount that can be sanctioned by the District Collector, Revenue Special Secretary, Revenue Secretary, Revenue Minister, and the Chief Minister. Over and above, it rests with the Council of Ministers.
4. Now CMDRF is fully web managed and it has become extremely transparent. Transfers to the end beneficiary is done through Direct Bank Transfer system.
5. Right To Information Act (RTI) is applicable to CMDRF and the people are entitled to get all information on it. CMDRF funds are open to audit by the Comptroller and Accountant General and the budgeting and expenditure is subject to scrutiny by the State Legislature.

The CMDRF is a public fund constituted for the purpose of giving relief in cases of privation and also to those affected by fire, flood, cyclone sea erosion and similar other calamities. Educational Cultural and Charitable Institutions of a public nature, which are affected by such calamities and whose financial position does not enable them to repair the damage caused to their property and bring them to a normal condition are also eligible for financial assistance from the Fund. Relief may also be provided from the Distress Relief Fund for the workers thrown out of employment for the reason beyond their control, in units not covered by Employees State Insurance Schemes or Employees Provident Fund Schemes in the traditional sector alone. Financial Assistance from this Fund will be restricted to cases not covered by other special relief programs of Government.The term “Privation” does not refer to ordinary cases of poverty, but refers only to exceptional cases of real hardship due to sudden loss of income where the District Collector is satisfied that financial assistance would be necessary.

Receipt of Application.
The application for Financial Assistance in the specified format is received in the Village offices. People can also submit application onlinein the CMDRF portal, through Akshaya Centres, and also through the offices  of MPs and MLAs using the application interface provided to them.
In the case of accident deaths FIR and Death Certificates are to be produced.
For Medical treatments Medical Certificate from a qualified Medical Officer should be provided.
In the case of Distress due to calamities the Village Officer reports particulars of the people affected and forward this to Collector through Tahsildar .
The applications are processed by the Revenue Department. All the processing is done electronically –(cmdrf portal).The applications received in online modes  will be automatically forwarded to the concerned Village Office for validation of the details furnished by the applicant.
After the validation at village level  all applications will be  forwarded  to Taluk office, Collectorate and if necessary to Revenue Special Secretary, Revenue Minister, Chief Minister and Council of Ministers through electronic  process.
Sanction and Disbursement
Sanction of Payments under various levels

  • District Collectors - Up to Rs. 10,000
  • Special Secretary(Revenue Department) - Up to Rs. 15,000
  • Revenue Minister - Up to Rs. 25,000
  • Chief Minister - Up to 3 lakhs
  • Cabinet - for more than 3 lakhs

Currently the approved payments are then transferred to the beneficiary bank account through DBT.

CMDRF Expenditure Details
all in Indian Rupee


Total Amount Received*  view details 1682.73 Cr
Total Allotment as on 01-06-2019 1917.97 Cr
*Disclaimer: Reconciliation of Cheque / Drafts / RTGS / NEFT / IMPS / UPI ID/QR in banks not completely reflected


Flood  Relief 2018 - ( Based on GO s up to 31-05-2019   )
457.65 crore for 7.37 lakh people  as immediet relief to Districts  *1
1318.61 crore to rebuild 247897 houses to Districts *2
44.98 crore to Co-op Dept for CAREe home project
54 crore for financial assistance to agriculture loan
42.73 crore to civil supplies for food Kitdistribution (854985 Kits)
Total as on 31-5-19 -Rs.1917.97 crores.
Details  * Immediate relief **Rebuild Houses
SlNo District No of Beneficiaries Amount Sanctioned  No.of Houses Total Requirement  Amount Allotted Alloted %
1 Thiruvananthapuram 2831 1.76 3098 28 28 100%
2 Kollam 7012 4.35 3199 15.38 15.38 100%
3 Pathanamthitta 52843 32.76 15597 88.23 88.23 100%
4 Alappuzha 166345 103.13 63755 252.01 252.01 100%
5 Kottayam 86780 53.8 18432 82.88 82.88 100%
6 Idukki 10639 6.88 9096 118.16 118.16 100%
7 Ernakulam 193448 119.94 79188 250.81 250.81 100%
8 Thrissur 135784 84.19 24715 219.45 219.45 100%
9 Palakkad 8067 5.12 8040 90.1 90.1 100%
10 Malappuram* 40621 25.19 7538 41.44 41.44 100%
11 Kozhikkode 24708 15.32 5301 28.96 28.96 100%
12 Wayanad 8100 5.02 7629 45 45 100%
13 Kannur 293 0.18 1747 11.59 11.59 100%
14 Kasargod 13 0.01 331 3.39 3.39 100%
  Total 737484 457.65 247666 1275.4 1275.4  
  For Keezmadu Society      1 0.02 0.02  
  Total 2018-19     247667 1275.42 1275.42  
7 EKM*     217 42.57 42.57  
3 PTA      13 0.62 0.62  
  Total 2019-20     230 43.19 43.19  
  Total as on 31-5-19     247897 1318.61 1318.61  
*No.of houses estimated 



Receipts and release of Funds as on 01/06/2019

I Receipts and expenditure summary Amt. in Crore
Total Amount Collected  3861.98
Total Amount Sanctioned/released 1849.35
Balance  (207.63 in Treasury + 1805 in Banks) 2012.63
II Details of Receipts Amt. in Crore
Amount Collected from Individuals and Institutions 2600.62
Salary Challenge Contribution 834.99
Festival Allowance 117.69
Beverages Corporation 308.68
III Details of allotements Amt. in Crore
Amount Allotted as per Gos from Revenue dept. 1874.77
Amount Sanctioned/released till 31/03/2019 1849.35
IV Details of Fund Allotment/release as on 01-06-19 Amt. in Crore
  Total Amount Sanctioned/released
Immediate relief for 737475 beneficiaries 457.23
For Rebuild of  247897 Houses /other building 1318.61
Treatment Assistance/farmers(1+9) 0.42
To Co-op Dept for CARe Home project  44.98
To civil supplies for food kit distribution (854589 life kits) 42.73
To Agri.devp& FW director for financial assistance as debt relief 54.00
Total  1917.97