Government Orders


Order Date Order Number Subject
30-08-1983 G.O.(MS)No. 857/83/Rev Rules for Administration of Distress Relief Fund - Amendments
31-01-1984 View Consolidation of rules /orders for the administration of the distress relief fund
14-11-2016 G.O.(MS) No. 568/16/Rev Establishment of cmdrf portal
05-02-2018 G.O.(MS) No. 44/18/Rev Delegation to Special Secretary - Revenue
31-03-2018 G.O.(RT) No.3044/18/Fin Procedure of DBT
18-06-2018 Letter No. 239/DRF A1/18/RD New format of application
23-08-2018 GO(MS) 313/REV 2018 Flood relief fund release
24-08-2018 GO(MS) 314/REV 2018 Flood relief fund release
30-08-2018 GO(MS) 3568/REV 2018 Flood relief fund release
01-09-2018 3619/2018/Rev Flood relief fund release
01-09-2018 3620/2018/Rev Flood relief fund release
01-09-2018 3634/2018/Rev Flood relief fund release
03-09-2018 3647/2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release



Flood relief fund release
08-09-2018 3777/2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release
12-09-2018 3830/2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release
13-09-2018 3835/2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release
25-09-2018 3948/2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release
29-09-2018 4004,4011, 4014 /2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release
01-10-2018 4019,4020, 4021 /2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release
06-10-2018 4138/2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release- Alapuzha - Additional
06-10-2018 4166/2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release - Kozhikkode - Additional
06-10-2018 4167/2018/Rev  Flood relief fund release - Pathanamthitta - Additional
10-10-2018 530/2018/DMD Construction of House for Flood Victims
10-10-2018 4242/2018/Rev Flood relief fund release - Wayanad - Additional
11-10-2018 4011/2018/Rev Flood relief fund release - Kollam - Additional
26-10-2018 4495/2018/Rev Flood relief fund release - Malappuram - Additional
30-10-2018 4555/2018/Rev Flood relief fund release - Kozhikkode - Additional
05-11-2018 4621/2018/Rev Rebuilding of Houses - Wayanad
05-11-2018 4893/2018/Rev Rebuilding of Houses - Idukki
08-12-2018 5088/2018/Rev Rebuilding of Houses - Various Districts
15-09-2018 CB (3) 17523/2018 Circular - Co-operative Department - CARe Kerala Project- CARE Loan
05-11-2018 4622/2018/Rev Depositing of fund cullected for CARe in CMDRF and its release to Registrar of Co-operative Societies for project implementation
08-12-2018 27/2018/DMD Restarting livelihood using bank loan reg
08-01-2019 108/2019/Rev Rebuilding of Houses - Kasargod District
14-01-2019 134/2019/Rev Rebuilding of Houses
29-01-2019 284/2019/Rev Rebuilding of Houses
30-01-2019 301/2019/Rev Rebuilding of Houses
05-02-2019 41/2019/Rev Palakkad - Chittur - Landsliding - 2nd Installment of Medical Aid to Akhila
06-02-2019 463/2019/Rev Rebuilding of Houses
28-02-2019 694/2019/Rev EKM -Aluva Taluk - kazhkaadu panchayath - SC ST Service Co-operative society - Aid for Stage Decorating Unit
08-03-2019 885/2019/RD Regarding Grants in Agricultural Loan
10-03-2019 886/2019/RD IDUKKI - Financial Aid for the Dependents of 9 Farmers who committed Suicide
22-03-2019 463/2019/Rev Fund Allotted to Supplyco for Kits Distributed during Flood
01-06-2019 161/2019/Rev Constructing 16 homes at mulayam village in Trissur District
04-06-2019 1430/2019/Rev Salary for Engineers appointed on contract basis
18-06-2019 188/2019/Rev Balance allottment to Supplyco forKits
20-06-2019 1564/2019/Rev Fund for ration shop owners
20-06-2019 1574/2019/Rev Additional Santion to Thrissur district
21-06-2019 1575/2019/Rev Fund for Prathyudhanam Scheme
22-06-2019 1591/2019/Rev Additional Santion to Malappuram district